UMT Student Housing (USH)

Rules and regulations

  • Hostilities are not allowed to go outside UMT Student Housing (USH) after 11:00 pm for boys and 10:00pm for girls. However, in case of any emergency they have to inform Deputy Head, UMT Student Housing (USH).
  • No guest /outsider can stay overnight in UMT Student Housing (USH) without prior permission.
  • Only blood relation can stay but not more than two nights. Rs. 500/- per night will be charged for guest stay.
  • No visitor is allowed to enter UMT Student Housing (USH) without handing over his original C.N.I.C. at UMT Student Housing (USH) gate. 
  • No one will be allowed to travel in UMT Student Housing (USH) transport without having valid UMT Student Housing (USH) card.
  • During summer no one is allowed to use AC/cooler without written the permission and registration on the record book.
  • In case of any query hostilities can contact Head, UMT Student Housing (Head USH) or Deputy Head, UMT Student Housing (USH) through email and cell phone.
  • In case of breach of rules, case will be forwarded to Head, UMT Student Housing (Head USH) for taking stringent action against violator.
  • Head, UMT Student Housing (Head USH) has full authority to charge fine or to expel law offender from the USH.
  • USH accommodation will be provided only to bonafide students of UMT who have domicile of cities other than Lahore. Day scholars do not need not apply except under special circumstances.
  • Boarders seeking admission in Student Housing (USH) should apply on the prescribed forms along with two passport size photographs that can be obtained from the Admissions Office or can be downloaded from the UMT website.
  • If a boarder who is allotted USH accommodation is not personally residing in the allocated room and is found by the administration to be misusing the room, i.e., keeping unlawful or illegal occupants, his/her allotment will be cancelled and the case will be referred to the Disciplinary Committee for further action.
  • University authorities are not obliged to provide USH accommodation to every student. The USH management reserves the rights to refuse this facility.
  • Boarders shall be required to pay their dues in advance, i.e., prior to joining the semester. In case of arrears, they will become ineligible to stay and the allotment shall stand cancelled.
  • All the participants are required to get a clearance certificate from the Head, UMT Student Housing (Head USH) before the award of degree.
  • Any kind of affiliation with any political organization, federation or Jamaat and any activity accordingly will not be allowed in UMT USH premises.
  • Student who leave the hostel before completion of his degree will not be allowed to enter UHS even as guest.