UMT Student Housing (USH)

SNOService TypeType of ChargesCharges
1 Admission fee One time Rs. 5,000/-
2 Security (Refundable) One time (refundable) Rs. 5000/-
3 Double/ Sharing Room Six monthly Rs. 54,999/-
4 Single/Independent (room) Six monthly Rs. 96,000/-
5 Generator charges (for 6 months) Six monthly Rs.5000/-

 Note: : Students can use personal electrical appliances at additional cost to be paid with the Student Housing (USH) dues.

SNOService TypeType of ChargesCharges
1 Air Conditioner Monthly Actual Consumed Units Base
2 Desert Cooler (per month per room) Monthly Rs. 2,000/-
3 Mess Monthly Rs. 6,000/-


  • All UMT Student Housing (USH) dues are expected to be paid to the OTR in advance.
  • Food is not included in the UMT Student Housing (USH) fee.
  • Students are expected to consume all meal from USH Mess.
  • In case of late depositing UMT Student Housing (USH) fee Rs. 100/ will be charged per day.
  • First six month dues and generator except security deposit are non-refundable.

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