Office of Student Success

Things to Remember

Go To Class

New students often hear that in university, "you can go to class anytime you want." NOT TRUE. Some classes may seem less interesting than others, but university is not for entertainment. As a matter of fact the more time you spend in class, the less time you need to study outside of class.

Explore the Campus

One campus tour not often provides the geographical knowledge necessary to get around the university. Become an explorer and spend time locating where major departments and buildings are located. Don't become a senior student who is still trying to find the library or lab.

Familiar Yourself with the Academic Rules

No one can memorize all the rules but have a rule book. University policies are usually found online and almost always in the student handbook. Do not become one of those who say, "But nobody told me..."

Time Management

Have a social life, but plan your study time appropriately. Do not start to study for an exam/test or write an assignment the night before deadline. Keep checking your academic calendar provided by Office of the Registrar for important dates. Remember, sleep is also needed, so manage for that as well.

Allow Constructive Criticism

Keep in mind that when a teacher criticizes your work, he or she is doing you a favor. This is not personal; any work can be improved. The more "red lines" you see on a paper, the more time that the teacher took to point out ways for you to improve.

Realize That Being a Student Is A Full-Time Job

You cannot work hard only once a week and get desired grades. Look at University life as a full-time career for the present. Focus on good academic habits, social skills, and balancing priorities.

Develop Your Communication Skills

Irrespective of your major, the most important skill for your career success is communication. Understand what language is acceptable and in what situations. How you communicate your skills and thoughts shows the intensity of your education.

Become part of University Life

Becoming part of the campus community is just as important as attending classes, writing assignments, and taking exams. Don't connect with every student group, but be selective and take part in activities that will offer balance to your life. OPA at UMT is a good platform to test your socializing skills.

Know Your Teachers before You Graduate

Start by targeting some teachers that you think are worth knowing before you graduate. These are the teachers who will assess your work, provide references for your job after graduation and to get admission in higher courses.

Make Your Own Decisions and Accept Responsibility

Seeking guidance is always good but you should accept responsibility for your decisions. If what you say and do is encouraged by others and nothing is ever your fault because others "pushed'" you, you cannot claim to be an adult, just an immature follower.

You Are In University for Your Education, Not Someone Else's

If you come into university just to satisfy everyone else, or even ANYONE else, you will end up pleasing no one. If you let others decide what you are going to study, where you attend university, and what you are going to be, you have overlooked your responsibility to yourself.

Know Your Performance Before the Withdraw Period

If you have a question about how you are performing in your course, see your teacher and discuss it. Keep yourself informed and record all grades received for each assignment. Pay attention to the percentage of all assignments planned for the whole semester as they will determine the final grade in each course.

Learn To Communicate In the Classroom

No questions are dumb relating to your course. If you don't understand something, chances are that most of your classmates have same problem. Learning to ask questions is a skill. Develop it!

Maintain Your Physical and Mental Health

When exhausted, rest. Eat appropriate food and know when to relax. Plan exercise into your schedule. Students demand their independence however simply do not know how to take care of themselves.

Do Not Blame Others for Your Academic Problems

If you are not doing well academically, get help. Very few students get through university without some assistance. Remove distractions when studying. Don't blame your teachers and your roommate. Get their help to eliminate the problems.

Use All University Services

The university want you to succeed and will help you by means of all its services. Let the university serve you. After all, it is your university. You are paying for these services in the form of tuition fees.