Office of Student Success

Advisors and Students (Roles and Responsibilities)



Inform, guide and ensure completion of needed actions before the announced deadlines. Read and understand needed processes and procedures. Get a clear understanding of academic rules related to your degree program.
2 Inform every student assigned to you about the deadline for payment of dues and the fine imposed for delay in payment. Ensure payment of dues by the deadline to save yourself from undesirable fine.
3 Monitor registration of courses being done by the students assigned to you. Make sure that no student misses the deadline for registration of courses for the coming semester. Finalize registration of courses to be studied in the coming semester in consultation with your Advisor. Get the registration of courses completed before the deadline.
4 Try to help the students in academic, administrative and social problems. If you face any personal, academic or social problems, discuss them with your Advisor.
5 Advise students on the procedure for addition, dropping or change of courses during the first week of on-going semester. Check the students’ portal to ensure that there are no errors in registration of your courses. If for any reason, you want to add, drop or change any of your courses, discuss with your Advisor and take needed steps before the deadline.
6 Guide students in checking of their time table and help them to resolve time conflicts, if any. Check timetable of your classes promptly to note any time conflicts in your registered courses. Contact your program Coordinator to resolve the problem.
7 Check if the students under your charge are attending lectures/ lab sessions/ etc., in their assigned sections.

Be regular in your attendance in the section assigned to you. In case of any error, get it corrected immediately.

Beware that missing of more than 6 lectures / sessions in a 30 lecture semester course simply results in award of ‘F’ grade and all of your marks in assignments, quizzes and sessional tests just get thrown away.
8 Guide the students to adopt the right working attitude to be successful in a semester. In semester system students must work hard right from the first day of the semester. Catching up with studies in a semester becomes more and more difficult with passage of every day.
9 Provide a clear understanding of grading system of each course being pursued by the students assigned to you. Do not miss your assignments, quizzes or sessional tests. In case of any difficulties in understanding of class material, discuss with the concerned teacher during his/her displayed office hours.
10 Inform students about the undesirable status of ‘probation’ for GPA < 1.75 and ‘expulsion’ for two consecutive probations. Be regular and attentive, discuss difficulties with the concerned teachers and discuss with your classmates to ensure your good performance in every semester.
11 Guide students about the procedure for ‘withdrawal’ of a course. Inform students about the deadline for course withdrawal. If for any genuine reason, you need to withdraw from a course, discuss it with your Advisor and take needed action well before the deadline.
12 Guide students to check their sessional marks well before submission of sessional marks to the Office of Controller of Examinations, UMT. Towards the end of the semester, check accuracy of the sessional marks submitted by your teacher to the Office of Controller of Examinations. Also ensure personal verification of your final papers to eliminate any possibility of error in your grade.
13 Keep track of progress of the students assigned to you. Guide them to complete their degree in optimum time. Plan completion of courses required for your desired degree within the permissible time duration of the degree.
14 Inform, advise and ensure registration of courses for the next semester in general and Fall Semester in particular.  Do not delay registration of your courses and payment of dues for Fall Semester due to Summer vacation as it may lead to very heavy fines.
15 Check that all the students assigned to you have done registration of courses for the next semester and have paid dues before the deadline. Every student must see his/her Advisor before leaving for semester break or Summer vacation to ensure that all needed steps for smooth studies in the next semester have been completed.