Office of Student Success

About Us

The Office of Student Success identify barriers of UMT students by stepping out of the box, instead of following the conventional approach OSS is aiming to help and support the students on personal, psychological, educational and emotional levels. OSS is here to support every UMT student, every step of the way to Graduation.

“Our efforts shape your success”

It is not just for marketing we truly believe that with the support of faculty and management offices we can become the path for students that will lead to success and increase the success rate, persistence to graduation with a focus on academic success and achievement through early intervention. Because we believe that each student is unique, so is each student’s definition of success.

If you are one of these individuals who are struggling or having difficulties, please do not hesitate to visit our office.


Office of Student Success is dedicated to improve student success rate and persistence to graduation through systematic tracking of students’ progress throughout the degree program by coordinating retention activities; supporting and monitoring students’ academic progress; coordinating with academic and management units and providing referrals to campus resources and support services. 

Core Functions

  1.  Emphasize the engagement of the entire campus community in each student’s success.
  2. Improving first-year experience of all students by encouraging an atmosphere of empowerment through self-advocacy, responsibility, and the courage to seek effective academic and wellness resources to ensure student success.
  3. Providing faculty, staff, and campus decision makers with data, training, tools, and information that will promote student success as a major foundation of every aspect of the campus culture.