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UMT Students Celebrate Spring through Wings and Wheels Festival

Friday, February 16, 2018

UMT Students at University of Management and Technology (UMT) took to the varsity ground and celebrated an event titled ‘Wings and Wheels’ to say hello to rapidly passing out spring season, spend time with season birds, enjoy local food and raise awareness among the youth regarding the IT culture, latest automobiles and so on. Renowned actor, rapper, and rock music keyboardist Ahmad Ali Butt also showed up at the event to stir up the youth and encourage their talent.

The show was inaugurated by Ibrahim Hasan Murad, Director UMT, along with Head OPA Khalid Naqvi. A good number of the faculty members and the university turned up to catch a glimpse of the high-powered bikes, beautiful birds and enjoy delicious traditional food made available on the stalls. 

Speaking on the occasion, Ibrahim Hasan Murad said that UMT has always promoted healthy and vibrant culture at its campus that shows varsity’s commitment to deliver quality education side by side with recreational activities. He said learning without sports and healthy stuff isn’t resilient and long-lasting. Mr Ibrahim urged the students to take interest in sports and make the best use of their leisure time activities in order to keep themselves fit and healthy.

Expressing his views, Ahmad Ali Butt said that it was a matter of privilege for him to visit UMT and meet the emerging talent. He exchanged his views with the people present there and allowed them to take group photos as well as selfies. The actor encouraged the talent of the students who rode the heavy bikes and cars.

Some of the students said that since the government had imposed complete ban on Basant, they had come to enjoy the event, which they said was a good and resourceful activity. They said that they enjoyed the show a lot as it was full of entertainment, yummy food and hustle bustle. Talking to media, a female student said that her whole class had come to see the birds that were so lovely and eye-catching. Those who knew how to ride bikes were given the opportunity to ride them as their teachers and classmates looked at them from the ground. 



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