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More than 300 Students Presented Merit Awards

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

UMT has always recognized the talent of students and their passion for getting knowledge and performing better throughout their academic paths. More than three-hundred brilliant UMT students 177 males and 190 female students secured merit awards in a special Rector’s and Deans’ Merit Award Ceremony.




Speaking on the occasion, Dr Hasan Sohaib Murad said that he was delighted to see talented and hardworking students making headway in their studies. He said there was no better and attractive idea than hardworking and those who put this idea into practice will be successful in their practical life, too. He said other students should follow the example of winners and try to make a difference in the remaining semesters. He said UMT was proud of intelligent students and it meant a lot to us to have young talent with us who have achieved academic leadership by studying day and night. He said the varsity recognized the merit and distinguished the best from better one. 




The School of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSSH) led by Prof Dr Abdul Hameed had the highest number of merit award winners. A total of 64 students from SSSH were conferred Rector’s and Deans’ merit awards followed by School of Business and Economics (SBE) that succeeded in claiming 55 titles. Some 35 students from the School of Systems and Technology (SST), 28 from School of Engineering (SEN), 33 from School of Commerce (SCA), 21 from School of Science (SSC), 22 from School of Textile and Design (STD), 13 from School of Architecture and Planning (SAP), 21 from School of Health Sciences (SHS), 37 from School of Professional Advancement (SPA), 6 from School of Law and Policy (SLP), 4 from School of Governance and Society (SGS), 18 from Institute of Aviation Studies (IAS), 8 from Institute of Communication and Cultural Studies (ICCS) and 2 from Institute of Banking and Finance qualified for the Rector’s and Deans’ merit awards respectively.




The Rector’s and Deans’ Merit Award Ceremony was organized by Office of Controller Examinations in a very effective and disciplined way. The Controller Examinations Saleem Ata and his team deserve great appreciation for hosting this graceful ceremony.

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