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The University of Management and Technology (UMT) is proud of the highly qualified faculty members who teach here. Our faculty members have studied or taught in reputable universities at home and abroad. Many hold doctoral degrees and almost all of them are actively involved in dissemination and generation of knowledge through research papers and related activities.

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School of Systems and Technology

Dr Shaukat IqbalDean School of Systems & Technology[email protected]3830
Dr Yaser Daanial KhanChairperson Department of Computer Science[email protected]3855
Dr Malik Tahir HassanActing Chairperson Department of Software Engineering[email protected]3848
Dr Sajid MahmoodActing Chairperson Department of Informatics & Systems[email protected]3847
Dr Adnan AbidAssociate Professor[email protected]3837
Dr Muhammad Shoaib FarooqAssociate Professor[email protected]3839
Dr Muzammil HussainAssistant Professor[email protected]3842
Dr Muhammad Tahir MushtaqAssistant Professor[email protected]3446
Dr Sheraz NaseerAssistant Professor[email protected]
Dr Tahir EjazAssistant Professor[email protected]3841
Dr Tayyaba AneesAssistant Professor[email protected]3842
Nabeel Sabir KhanAssistant Professor[email protected]3835
Tahreem YasirAssistant Professor[email protected]3874
Dr Khawaja Muhammad Umar SulemanAssistant Professor[email protected]
Dr Muhammad Aamir KhanAssistant Professor[email protected]3856
Dr Syed Khuram ShahzadAssistant Professor[email protected]
Dr Ehtesham Ul Haq DarAssistant Professor[email protected]
Dr Ghulam MustafaAssistant Professor[email protected]3841
Ahmad Sohail AslamAssistant Professor[email protected]3465
Dr Aadil Zia KhanAssistant Professor[email protected]3445
Fahad AliAssistant Professor[email protected]3843
Dr Syed Mohammad IrtezaAssistant Professor[email protected]
Arslan AsifAssistant Professor[email protected]3850
Dr Syed Farooq AliAssistant Professor[email protected]3850
Dr Ayesha KhanAssistant Professor[email protected]3470
Amjad Hussain ZahidAssistant Professor[email protected]
Dr Asma NaseerAssistant Professor[email protected]3468
Fakhar AbbasAssistant Professor[email protected]3876
Dr Shaista HabibAssistant Professor[email protected]
Ateeqa NaseerAssistant Professor[email protected]3859
Amjad AliAssistant Professor[email protected]3437
Emmen FarooqAssistant Professor[email protected]3863
Muhammad AhsanAssistant Professor[email protected]3860
Ahtsham AliAssistant Professor[email protected]3849
Noman NazarAssistant Professor[email protected]3464
Muhammad Asif SubhaniAssistant Professor[email protected]3445
Fasiha AshrafAssistant Professor[email protected]3436
Tayaba AnjumAssistant Professor[email protected]3863
Muhammad NabeelAssistant Professor[email protected]3835
Uzma FarooqAssistant Professor[email protected]3478
Mazhar Javed AwanAssistant Professor[email protected]3853
Arifah AzharLeave/Study Leave[email protected]3439
Faria FeroozLecturer[email protected]
Nosheen ManzoorLecturer[email protected]
Maryam KamalLecturer[email protected]
Hina AlamLecturer[email protected]
Adnan Ul HassanLecturer[email protected]
Ayesha Hoor ChaudhryLecturer[email protected]
Kiran IlyasLecturer[email protected]
Syed Mohsin AliLecturer[email protected]
Ali HarrisLecturer[email protected]
Usman InayatLecturer[email protected]3843
Afnan IftikharLecturer[email protected]
Taila JabeenLecturer[email protected]
Aqsa KiranLecturer[email protected]
Mamoona MajidLecturermamoona.[email protected]
Ahmad Hassan ButtLecturer[email protected]3849
Mehr Un NisaLecturer[email protected]3880
Muhammad Mustansar Ali KhanLecturer[email protected]
Owais HakeemLecturer[email protected]3854
Sundas SagheerLecturer[email protected]
Kinza Mehr AwanLecturer[email protected]
Asad Raza UsmaniLecturer[email protected]
Hira AsimLecturer[email protected]
Hira FayyazLecturer[email protected]
Shafaq KhanLecturer[email protected]
Zeeshan KhanLecturer[email protected]3862
Tanzeela ShakeelLecturer[email protected]
Muhammad Rehan SaleemLecturer[email protected]3862
Ammar Yasir SajjadLecturer[email protected]
Khawaja Ubaid Ur RehmanLecturer[email protected]
Rana Waqas AliLecturer[email protected]3856
Aswad SohailLecturer[email protected]3873
Adeel AshrafLecturer[email protected]
Ayesha AsmatLecturer[email protected]3833
Ayesha MajidLab Engineer[email protected]
Bilal ArifLab Engineer[email protected]
Hafiz Muhammad Ashja KhanLab Engineer[email protected]
Muhammad Amir WaseemLab Engineer[email protected]
Afifa WajidLeave/Study Leave[email protected]
Azeema YaseenLeave/Study Leave[email protected]
Dr Shahid Mahmood AwanLeave/Study Leave[email protected]3840
Sadia KhalidLeave/Study Leave[email protected]3439
Dr Muhammad Farooq AslamLeave/Study Leave[email protected]
Dr Sufian MunawarLeave/Study Leave[email protected]3499

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