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The University of Management and Technology (UMT) is proud of the highly qualified faculty members who teach here. Our faculty members have studied or taught in reputable universities at home and abroad. Many hold doctoral degrees and almost all of them are actively involved in dissemination and generation of knowledge through research papers and related activities.

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School of Social Sciences and Humanities

Dr Mumtaz AkhterActing Dean School of Social Sciences and Humanities[email protected]3502
Dr Tahira BasharatChairperson Department of Islamic Thought & Civilization[email protected]3626
Dr Muhammad Shoaib PervezChairperson Department of Political Science and International Relations[email protected]3540
Dr Basharat HussainActing Chairperson Department of Sociology[email protected]3542
Dr Shariqa NasreenAdjunct Professor[email protected]
Dr Fauzia NaheedAdjunct Professor[email protected]
Dr Seema ArifAssociate Professor[email protected]3539
Dr Abdul Rehman Khalid MadniAssociate Professor[email protected]3630
Dr Muhammad Tahir MustafaAssociate Professor[email protected]3615
Muhammad Saleem DogarDeputy Manager Academics[email protected]3548
Dr Ahmad RazaAssistant Professor[email protected]
Dr Irfan BashirAssistant Professor[email protected]
Dr Beenish MalikAssistant Professor[email protected]
Dr Ambreen Salah Ud DinAssistant Professor[email protected]3537
Dr Faisal AnisAssistant Professor[email protected]3552
Dr Abeeda QureshiAssistant Professor[email protected]3517
Dr Wasif AliAssistant Professor[email protected]3513
Dr Arshad AliAssistant Professor[email protected]
Dr Amna ArifAssistant Professor[email protected]3512
Tayyaba SohailAssistant Professor[email protected]3522
Dr Iram RasheedAssistant Professor[email protected]
Dr Yaar MuhammadAssistant Professor[email protected]3542
Dr Humaira AhmadAssistant Professor[email protected]
Dr Fatima SajjadAssistant Professor[email protected]3520
Dr Asmaa NoumanAssistant Professor[email protected]3514
Dr Sajid MasoodAssistant Professor[email protected]3519
Dr Muhammad SamiullahAssistant Professor[email protected]
Dr Madiha ShahAssistant Professor[email protected]
Hanna-e-KalbiAssistant Professor[email protected]
Muhammad OwaisAssistant Professor[email protected]3528
Dr Farah NazAssistant Professor[email protected]3546
Dr Fariha GulAssistant Professor[email protected]
Dr Amna YousafAssistant Professor[email protected]
Ghazalah IshratLecturer[email protected]
Reema MuradLecturer[email protected]
Muhammad Nadeem AkhtarLecturer[email protected]
Farooq e AzamLecturer[email protected]
Sumaira AyubLecturer[email protected]3423
Ghuncha NaqviLecturer[email protected]
Hifza ImranLecturer[email protected]
Dr Muhammad Usman AskariLecturer[email protected]3516
Inam Ul HaqLecturer[email protected]
Syed Muhammad Haider NaqviLecturer[email protected]
Shermeen BanoLecturer[email protected]
Shafaq RubabLecturer[email protected]
Sajid Iqbal SheikhLecturer[email protected]
Muhammad Omer ShabbirLecturer[email protected]3533
Amna MalikLecturer[email protected]
Usman AliLecturer[email protected]
Ayesha AfzalLecturer[email protected]
Dr Muhammad Zaheer AsgharLeave/Study Leave[email protected]3532
Sohaib AliLeave/Study Leave[email protected]3528
Amna RashidLeave/Study Leave[email protected]3624

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