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The University of Management and Technology (UMT) is proud of the highly qualified faculty members who teach here. Our faculty members have studied or taught in reputable universities at home and abroad. Many hold doctoral degrees and almost all of them are actively involved in dissemination and generation of knowledge through research papers and related activities.

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School of Health Sciences

Dr Muhammad Naveed AfzalDirector School of Health Sciences[email protected]3406
Dr Umar BachaActing Chairperson, Department of Nutrition Sciences[email protected]
Dr Ghulam MurtazaActing Chairperson Department of Medical Imaging[email protected]
Dr Somia Sabeen AwanActing Chairperson, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation[email protected]
Dr Ayesha IlyasActing Chairperson, Department of Basic Medical Sciences[email protected]
Dr Uzma NazAssistant Professor[email protected]
Dr Shahzada Khurram SyedAssistant Professor[email protected]
Faiza KamalLecturer[email protected]
Dr Muhammad UmairLecturer[email protected]
Muqadas ChaudaryLecturer[email protected]
Madiha AsgharLecturer[email protected]
Hafsa TahirLecturer[email protected]
Rabia AslamLecturer[email protected]3405
Afifa TanweerLecturer[email protected]
Dr Tamknat IlyasLecturer[email protected]
Arifa MobeenLecturer[email protected]
Saba Nadeem DarLecturer[email protected]
Rabia JawaLecturer[email protected]3405
Rabia MajeedLecturer[email protected]
Maria MustafaLecturer[email protected]
Mohsina NasimLecturer[email protected]
Madiha NoorLecturer[email protected]
Aqsa NadeemLecturer[email protected]
Almina ShafiqLecturer[email protected]
Syeda Saira IqbalLecturer[email protected]3409
Dr Aiman JavedLecturer[email protected]
Mamoona AnwarLecturer[email protected]
Dr Paras MehmoodClinical Instructor[email protected]
Dr Usbah KhalidClinical Instructor[email protected]
Dr Hamda SaqibClinical Instructor[email protected]
Dr Muhammad Awais Ibrahim BajwaClinical Instructor[email protected]
Dr Muhammad Zaid ArifClinical Instructor[email protected]
Dr Muhammad AsifClinical Instructor[email protected]
Dr Amna HussainClinical Instructor[email protected]
Dr Noor AfzalClinical Instructor[email protected]
Dr Maryam FatimaClinical Instructor[email protected]
Dr Muhammad SohailClinical Instructor[email protected]
Dr Areeba IshaqClinical Instructor[email protected]
Dr Iqra HafeezClinical Instructor[email protected]
Ali RazaDemonstrator[email protected]
Saba RiazDemonstrator[email protected]
Faiza AltafDemonstrator[email protected]
Dr Fatima TariqDemonstrator[email protected]
Dr Amber FayyazDemonstrator[email protected]
Dr Mahrukh IqbalDemonstrator[email protected]
Dr Fizza MasoodDemonstrator[email protected]
Rida KhanDemonstrator[email protected]
Momna GhaffarDemonstrator[email protected]
Dr Abid AliDemonstrator[email protected]
Rahat AyubDemonstrator[email protected]
Muhammad Ammar AkbarDemonstrator[email protected]
Maheen ShadDemonstratormaheen[email protected]
Muhammad RizwanDemonstrator[email protected]
Faheem MustafaDemonstrator[email protected]
Sara FatimaDemonstrator[email protected]
Asma WadoodDemonstrator[email protected]
Bareera AsifDemonstrator[email protected]
Dr Muhammad Akram TariqOn Leave / Study Leave[email protected]
Amna Ashraf BajwaOn Leave / Study Leave[email protected]
Dr Amtul Huda SobhiOn Leave / Study Leave[email protected]

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