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The University of Management and Technology (UMT) is proud of the highly qualified faculty members who teach here. Our faculty members have studied or taught in reputable universities at home and abroad. Many hold doctoral degrees and almost all of them are actively involved in dissemination and generation of knowledge through research papers and related activities.

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School of Engineering

Dr Ijaz Ahmad ChaudhryDean School of Engineering[email protected]3660
Dr Ijaz Ahmad ChaudhryChairperson Department of Industrial Engineering[email protected]
Dr Muhammad Farhat KaleemChairperson Department of Electrical Engineering[email protected]3699
Dr Muhammad Usman RashidChairperson Department of Civil Engineering[email protected]3684
Dr Shahid HassanAssistant Professor[email protected]
Dr Tahir KibriyaAssociate Professor[email protected]
Dr Tariq MahmoodAdjunct Associate Professor[email protected]3695
Dr Muhammad AbdullahAssistant Professor[email protected]
Dr Iffat SaddiqueAssistant Professor[email protected]
Dr Zafar Iqbal BaigAssistant Professor[email protected]
Dr Ali AhmadAssistant Professor[email protected]3686
Dr Zeeshan AhmadAssistant Professor[email protected]3662
Dr Irfan UllahAssistant Professor[email protected]3665
Farhan Daud QaziAssistant Professor[email protected]3687
Adnan Ahmad NaeemAssistant Professor[email protected]3686
Dr Muhammad AdnanAssistant Professor[email protected]3667
Dr Tipu SultanAssistant Professor[email protected]3683
Dr Shakeel AhmadAssistant Professor[email protected]3665
Mustafa ShahidAssistant Professor[email protected]3678
Syed Rehan AshrafAssistant Professor[email protected]3665
Hafiz Muhammad OsaidAssistant Professor[email protected]
Dr Syed Taseer Abbas JaffarAssistant Professor[email protected]
Dr Muhammad RizwanAssistant Professor[email protected]3668
Dr Jawwad Nasar ChatthaAssistant Professor[email protected]3665
Dr Asif HussainAssistant Professor[email protected]3661
Ali AjwadAssistant Professor[email protected]3679
Muhammad Asim ButtAssistant Professor[email protected]3667
Muhammad Ahmad AdnanAssistant Professor[email protected]3686
Usman IlyasAssistant Professor[email protected]3681
Dr Jameel AhmadAssistant Professor[email protected]3664
Dr Faran Awais ButtAssistant Professor[email protected]3662
Waseem IqbalAssistant Professor[email protected]3669
Ahmed MalikAssistant Professor[email protected]
Muhammad ShoaibAssistant Professor[email protected]3661
Nauman AhmadAssistant Professor[email protected]3677
Zawar HussainAssistant Professor[email protected]3668
Rafia FirdousOn Leave / Study Leave[email protected]3678
Hafiz Usman TariqLecturer[email protected]
Faiza RasheedLecturer[email protected]
Muhammad AminLecturer[email protected]
Muhammad Rizwan YounisLecturer[email protected]
Muhammad Tayyab RabbaniLecturer[email protected]3681
Ahad HanifLecturer[email protected]
Muhammad Khalil AnwarLecturer[email protected]3696
Hira SattarLecturer[email protected]3655
Iqra RamzanLecturer[email protected]3696
Mifrah AliLecturer[email protected]3696
Muhammad Shah Rukh KhanLecturer[email protected]
Sardar Umer SialLecturer[email protected]
Nouman KhadimLecturer[email protected]3680
Saima ShaheenLecturer[email protected]3680
Irum JafriLecturer[email protected]3678
Abdullah KhalidLecturer[email protected]3676
Hassan TariqLecturer[email protected]3674
Khalid IjazLecturer[email protected]3663
Asfa JavedLecturer[email protected]3679
Waqar ImranLab Engineer[email protected]
Abbas RazaLab Engineer[email protected]
Munim ShaukatLab Engineer[email protected]3683
Basit KamalLab Engineer[email protected]3693
Mohammad UsmanLab Engineer[email protected]
Muhammad YasirLab Engineer[email protected]3658
Hira SyedLab Engineer[email protected]3683
Muhammad Zubair QureshiLab Engineer[email protected]3653
Khursheed AhmadLab Engineer[email protected]
Hafiz Muhammad Ali HassanLab Engineer[email protected]3688
Muhammad Aziz SarwarLab Engineer[email protected]3693
Muhammad Bilal ZahidLab Engineer[email protected]3682
Muhammad RehanLab Engineer[email protected]3659
Abdul Waqar AkhtarLab Engineer[email protected]3663
Touqeer AslamLab Engineer[email protected]3659
Shakir AhmadLab Engineer[email protected]3663
Waqar AnjumLab Engineer[email protected]3637
Muhammad Abdullah SheikhLab Engineer[email protected]3688
Muhammad UsmanLab Engineer[email protected]3663
Fatima AshfaqLab Engineer[email protected]3682
Abdullah NazirLab Engineer[email protected]3672
Muhammad Asad AliLab Engineer[email protected]
Muhammad Bilal AnwarLab Engineer[email protected]3673
Abdulah KhalidLab Engineer[email protected]
Ramna KhalidLab Engineer[email protected]3672
Awais SaeedLab Engineer[email protected]3675
Nauman MunirStudy Leave[email protected]
Dr Asif NaseerStudy Leave[email protected]
Nazam AliStudy Leave[email protected]3655
Muhammad NadeemStudy Leave[email protected]
Jamil AhmadStudy Leave[email protected]3662

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