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The University of Management and Technology (UMT) is proud of the highly qualified faculty members who teach here. Our faculty members have studied or taught in reputable universities at home and abroad. Many hold doctoral degrees and almost all of them are actively involved in dissemination and generation of knowledge through research papers and related activities.

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School of Business and Economics

Dr Naveed YazdaniChairperson Department of Management[email protected]3432
Kamran RashidAssistant Professor[email protected]3347
Ijaz YusufAssistant Professor[email protected]3345
Asher RamishAssistant Professor[email protected]3311
Imran AkbarAssistant Professor[email protected]3372
Dr Naveda KitchlewActing Dean School of Business & Economics[email protected]3385
Imran SadiqAssistant Professor[email protected]3422
Aly Raza SyedAssistant Professor[email protected]3311
Ali AsgharResearch Fellow[email protected]3388
Salman ZaheerLecturer[email protected]3393
Dr Dania QaziStudy Leave
Abdul RafayProfessor[email protected]3359
Dr Rukhsana KalimProfessor[email protected]3385
Dr Tashfeen Mahmood AzharChairperson Department of Operations and Supply Chain[email protected]3357
Dr Amer SaeedAssistant Professor[email protected]
Abdul GhaffarLecturer[email protected]3346
Dr Rubeena TashfeenChairperson Department of Finance[email protected]3376
Muhammad Mahmood Shah KhanAssistant Professor[email protected]
Mian Usman SattarAssistant Professor[email protected]3356
Malik Umer AyubAssistant Professor[email protected]3367
Dr Mian Muhammad Haris AslamAssistant Professor[email protected]3364
Zeeshan ShaukatLecturer[email protected]3336
Dr Abdul Rashid KausarAdjunct Professor[email protected]3387
Dr Muhammad Shahid HassanAssistant Professor[email protected]3490
Umar RashidActing Chairperson Department of Skills Development[email protected]3341
Mohammad Ali Haider ChauhanAssistant Professor[email protected]3379
Abdul GhafarLecturer[email protected]3346
Ramla SadiqAssistant Professor[email protected]3348
Rabia IhsanSenior Officer Academics[email protected]
Hamid AsifProgram Associate (Undergraduate Studies)[email protected]3422
Syed Mohsin AliCoordinator[email protected]3393
Rashid MahmoodCoordinator[email protected]3374
Hamza MasoodDepartment Coordinator[email protected]3367
Qadeer AhmedProgram Coordinator[email protected]3393
Malik Muhammad ArifCoordinator Executive Evening Programs[email protected]3367
Malik Muhammad ZahidClass Coordinator[email protected]3375
Faizan ElahiSenior Officer Academics[email protected]3352
Mueen-ud-Din-AzadAssistant Professor[email protected]3394
Kamran HameedResearch Associate[email protected]3390
Sana Sameen SabirSenior Officer Academics[email protected]3337
Muhammad UsmanManager Industrial Linkages[email protected]3331
Mubbasher MunirLecturer[email protected]3346
Noman ArshedLecturer[email protected]3362
Sami Ullah BajwaAssistant Professor[email protected]3315
Zurabia RiazOfficer ERP Lab[email protected]3643
Dr Yasir RashidActing Chairperson Department of Marketing[email protected]3353
Hamnah ButtSenior Officer Academics[email protected]3422
Dr Muhammad MoeenAssistant Professor[email protected]3394
Khawar SultanaSenior Research Associate[email protected]3374
Tahseen Mohsan KhanAssistant Professor[email protected]3348
Usman KhalidLecturer[email protected]3356
Dr Safia NosheenAssistant Professor[email protected]3348
Maimoona WaseemResearch Associate[email protected]3312
Haseeb ArshadProgram Associate (MBA Evening)[email protected]3372
Dr Nauman ShahActing Chairperson Department of Information Systems[email protected]3370
Tariq Waheed QureshiAssistant Professor[email protected]
Dr Waqas FarooqAssistant Professor[email protected]3378
Muhammad Ibrahim SaeedResearch Associate[email protected]3375
Muhammad Tanveer AslamOfficer Academics[email protected]3451
Jawad RazaCoordinator[email protected]3360
Tooba ArshadResearch Associate[email protected]3491
Neelofur AyeshaSenior Officer Coordination[email protected]3354
Muhammad Rehman MaqboolOfficer Coordination[email protected]3345
Dr Maqbool H SialChairperson Department of Quantitative Methods[email protected]3380
Dr Muhammad Umer AzeemAssistant Professor[email protected]
Dr Hafeez Ur RehmanChairperson Department of Economics[email protected]3408
Adeel S ShaikhAssistant Professor[email protected]3371
Saqib FaridLecturer[email protected]
Dr Ammar Aftab RajaAssistant Professor[email protected]3332
Abdul QadirOfficer Academics[email protected]3371
Ayesha HamidOfficer Academics[email protected]3354
Aysha QayyumAssistant Professor[email protected]
Romila QamarEditorial Assistant[email protected]
Maryam NazirOfficer Academics[email protected]3337
Fizza KanwalResearch Associate[email protected]3358
Seher AfzalOfficer Academics[email protected]3339
Fahad AssadSenior Officer Academics[email protected]3370
Anam NaeemAssociate Linguistics Expert
SIdra RazaEditorial Assistant[email protected]3641
Khadija NazEditorial Assistant[email protected]3312
Kinza YounasResearch Associate[email protected]3358
Khadija TararOfficer CETA[email protected]3312
Dr Syed Ahmad AliAssistant Professor[email protected]3379
Aimen RashidOfficer Academics[email protected]
Dr Muhammad Akib WarraichAssistant Professor[email protected]3351
Ghina RehmanOfficer Academics[email protected]3343
Syed Mughees Ul HassanEditorial Assistant[email protected]3641
Shandana WaheedLecturer[email protected]
Dr Barry HealyAssistant Professor[email protected]3344
Dr Bilal WajidAssistant Professor[email protected]
Sheheryar Muhammad KhanLecturer[email protected]3338
Fatima NawazLecturer[email protected]3354
Khuram ShahzadAssistant Professor[email protected]
Dr Saira SharifLecturer[email protected]
Syed Muhammad Muslim RazaLecturer[email protected]
Hui QiInstructor[email protected]3491
Muhammad Bilawal KhanLecturer[email protected]
Aqib ZeeshanTeaching Fellow[email protected]
Sana AfzalResearch Associate[email protected]
Faryal AshrafResearch Associate[email protected]
Javeria Badar KhanResearch Associate[email protected]
Dr Rana Zamin AbbasResearch Fellow[email protected]

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