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The University of Management and Technology (UMT) is proud of the highly qualified faculty members who teach here. Our faculty members have studied or taught in reputable universities at home and abroad. Many hold doctoral degrees and almost all of them are actively involved in dissemination and generation of knowledge through research papers and related activities.

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Institute of Aviation Studies

Muhammad UsamaInstructor[email protected]3621
Kalim Ur RehmanInstructor[email protected]
Faiq AhmadLecturer[email protected]
Amna HafeezOfficer Academics[email protected]3622
Fatima Najeeb KhanInstructor/Director Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Technology[email protected]
Muhammad Nawaz GillSenior Instructor[email protected]
Arsal EjazResearch Assistant[email protected]3629
Khalid Farooq ChishtiAdjunct Assistant Professor[email protected]
Muhammad Iqbal KhanSenior Instructor[email protected]
Arslan AsimInstructor[email protected]
Usman AliInstructor[email protected]
Umer MazharHead of Ops/Training[email protected]3622
Mujtaba ZafarFlight Simulation Instructor[email protected]
Rana Muhammad Faique AlamAssistant Flight Simulator Instructor[email protected]
Dr Ahmad AizazProfessor[email protected]

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