Office of Research Innovation and Commercialization

Director ORIC has set up an independent research ethics & support committee of the university to ensure compliance of ethical standards, legal aspects and moral values in research process undertaken in UMT. ORIC-RE&SC comprises up to 16 members and headed by Dr. Muhammad Yusuf Awan (Dean, School of Architecture and Planning, UMT).

The Head of Committee, 05 deans and 03 directors are nominated by Director ORIC, UMT. Rest of the members will be nominated and reviewed by chairman of committee on the basis of significant contribution.

Currently Following are the members of committee.

S #NameDesignationSchool / Institute / Department
1 Dr. Muhammad Yousaf Awan (Committee Chair) Dean School of Architecture and Planning (SAP)
2 Dr. Ijaz Ahmed Chauhadry Dean School of Engineering (SEN)
3 Dr. Mumtaz Hasan Malik Dean School of Textile & Design (STD)
4 Dr. Shaukat Iqbal Dean School of System & Technology (SST)
5 F Robert Wheeler III Dean School of Business & Economics (SBE)
6 Mr. Rahat Ul Ain Director School of Governance Society
7 Dr. Nauman Khalid Director School of Food & Agricultural Science (SFAS)
8 Dr. Rafique Awan Director  Knowledge Research Support Services
9 Dr. Atif Hassan Associate Professor School of Business Economics (SBE)
10 Dr. Ayesha Mohyuddin Associate Professor School of Science (SSC)
11 Dr. Uzma Rashid Assistant Professor School of Social Sciences Humanities (SSSH)
12 Mr. Khalil Ahmed Arbi Assistant Professor School of Professional Advancement (SPA)
13 Dr. Yaser Daanial Khan  Associate Professor School of System & Technology (SST)
14 Miss Emmen Farooq Assistant Professor School of System Technology (SST)
15 Mr. Hassan Fareed  Manager IPR ORIC
16 Mr. Rahmat Ullah Manager / Secretary Committee ORIC

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