Office of Participant Affairs

Vision, Mission and Objectives

Vision of Team OPA:

"Office of Participant Affairs (OPA) will be a leader in providing comprehensive and integrated campus life programs, activities and services. We will cultivate a student-centered environment where we foster an inclusive learning community with responsibility, respect and acceptance for all cultures and background."

Mission of Team OPA:

"We pursue our mission by providing services, learning programs and mentoring, to maximize students’ potential by strengthening readiness to learn, removing barriers to lead, and encourage safe and healthy UMT community. We cultivate a learning community which engages participants in aligning their unique talent with interest."

Strategic Objectives:

  • Develop students as a whole through the cultivation and enrichment of the body, mind and spirit
  • Promote physical, spiritual and psychological health and wellness, collaborating across campus with multiple organizations
  • Improve and promote recreational opportunities, promote experiential learning opportunities
  • Support leadership opportunities (e.g. community engagement, volunteerism, student organizations involvement and peer to peer mentoring)
  • Support global citizenship through increased collaboration with interpersonal opportunities to promote learning and offer a greater variety of programs (e.g. exchanges, internships with academic credit and service-learning opportunities)
  • Promoting academic, cultural, health and recreational opportunities both curricular and co-curricular that support the development of experienced, informed and intellectually engaged professionals and leaders
  • Building comprehensive and diverse students communities/clubs and societies that support active learning and personal and professional development
  • Conduct/Supervise an efficient scheduling process to deliver the University’s curricular and co-curricular activities in accordance with its policies and regulations
  • Develop strategies for continuity planning to ensure departmental stability
  • Establish a Students Affairs training curriculum, across all levels of staff, utilizing a variety of delivery methods (e.g. customer service, students development, diversity, cultural and professional competencies

Core Values:

  • Ethical Dilemmas and Interpersonal Skills
  • Freedom of Expression and Professional Development
  • Teamwork and Self-Determination
  • Diversity and Social Awareness
  • Support and Quality

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