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  • The University ID card identifies a participant as a current member of the UMT student body. Provision of all UMT facilities shall be subject to availability of UMT ID Card. Therefore, participants are encouraged to receive their ID cards from Office of Registrar, immediately after admissions.
  • It is mandatory for all participants to properly display UMT ID card while entering the premises of the University. If a participant does not possess UMT ID card, s/he will be given warning on first such incidence. If the participant repeats this practice, s/he will be fined Rs. 100/- every time this happens again. In the fore mentioned cases, participants shall be allowed to enter UMT premises upon presenting CNIC, to ensure that they do not suffer any academic loss, but they would not be allowed to make use of UMT facilities.
  • The UMT ID card is non-transferable, must be carried at all times, and presented upon demand by a University official or security guard; failure to do so may subject the participant to disciplinary action. Additionally, presentation of expired ID card to University officials shall be considered violation of University Policy, and shall be subject to fine, disciplinary action, or both.
  • If the ID card expires or becomes unusable due to wear and tear, it shall be reported to Office of Registrar immediately. Similarly, lost and stolen cards must also be reported promptly to the Office of Registrar. ORG shall issue a new ID card upon submission of ID issuance application and a non-refundable ID card replacement fee payable by cash.
  • ID cards found by a non-owner should be returned to the Office of Registrar as soon as possible. ORG shall send an email to the owner of the found ID card with notification that the ID card was found and should be claimed as soon as possible.
  • Any transfer, alteration, falsification, or forgery of a Student ID card constitutes a violation of University policy and may result in an appropriate disciplinary action or a fine of Rs 700 or both to be decided by head OFM. In addition, fraudulent or illegal use of the campus identification card may result in criminal charges and/or civil proceedings.
  • This card is void upon termination or interruption of enrollment.

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