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This is to brought to thenotice to all concerned Deans, CODs HODs that the following guidelines forphotocopy facility may please be observed from June 1st 2012

  1. Only Dean, COD, HOD and program Directorsare entitled to sign and stamp photocopy request. The power ofsignature on voucher may please not be delegated to others. Toavoid an inconvenience, a stock of pre-signed copies should bemaintained. These vouchers can only be used for material allowed to bere-produced.
  2. Visiting faculty is required to gettheir vouchers signed by competent authorities.
  3. No handouts, Lab manuals will be printed at the cost of UMT, rather faculty must scan and reproduce in PDF format forplacement on students want to have hard copy, the said items ( notes, handouts, etc etc)may please be provided to photocopy shops right at the start ofsemester/module for reproduction at personal expense of students.
  4. No book is allowed to be re-producedthrough photocopy at the expense of UMT until and unless it is approved by CLO.
  5. All types of articles may please besaved to hard disk/ uploaded to moodle instead of reproduction throughphotocopy at UMT expense.
  6. All columns mentioned on photocopyrequest forms should be filled in by requester him / herself otherwise,vouchers with incomplete information will not be entertained.
  7. If the course material is requiredfor instructor ( not for students, as they can be facilitated through moodle) ;section of class, title of course and nature of contents must be mentioned onrequest vouchers.
  8. Quizzes, tests and test papers for midterms and scheduled assessments should/can bereproduced in compliance with given policy.
  9. Toreduce the financial burden directly borne by participants, distribution ofun-necessary photocopy material in class may please be avoided.

Photocopy ownershave been requested to ensure that:

  1. Display thispolicy on the front door of the shop.
  2. Keep record of therequests and accept voucher duly signed/stamped and filled.
  3. Make record schooland department wise and submit bill along with actual vouchers to the office offacilities management for general audit. In case of any strong observation, the case will be referred to concerned dean for verification.
  4. Any voucher havingvague sign, incomplete info or no stamp will be returned without payment.

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