Office of Facilities Management


  • University shall adopt a full-time, zero tolerance policy for littering violations, and shall encourage everyone on campus to participate in the "Zero Tolerance for Litter" initiative.
  1. Ask students not to put their feet on walls while standing. This applies throughout the University including corridors, classrooms, seminar rooms and the places where possible.
  2. Discourage people to pluck flowers/plants.
  3. Send a courtesy letter to people whose trash is identifiable.
  4. Ensure that University is a Smoke-Free Zone.
  • Enforce litter control with existing and new programs and take necessary action against litterers..
  • Head OFM shall Designate OFM employees as enforcement personnel, and authorizes them to enforce litter policies.
  • Vigorous enforcement of the aforementioned policy shall be implemented.
  1. Report student violators to the OFM and OPA.
  2. Report employee violators to the HR office or an immediate supervisor.

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