Office of Facilities Management


  • Bringing food items to the classroom is not allowed

  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the classroom

  • Writing on desks, chairs and walls is prohibited

  • Do not insist on opening classroom before the arrival of the concerned teacher

  • Please leave the classroom right after the departure of the teacher

  • Be peaceful in the classroom and do not interrupt/disturb the learning activities of others

  • Do not place your legs on the chairs
  • Do not use cell phone in the class

  • Usage of mobile camera is strictly prohibited in the classroom; violation is subjected to fine and confiscation of the mobile set

  • Respect your classmates, abusive language, bullying and making sarcastic comments are liable to punishment

  • Littering is not allowed
  • Playing music through laptops, mobile phones or any other gadgets inside the classroom is not permissible

  • Check your belongings before leaving the classroom

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