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General Principles for Class Schedules

Academic departments needing space for classes and conferences/meetings shall have priority on first come first serve basis, provided that the requested classrooms are indicated on the ‘Schedule of Courses’ form submitted to OFM by the required due date.

Academic departments are encouraged to schedule classes so that classroom space is used to the maximum extent practicable while ensuring that students have reasonable access to courses.

Academic departments that submit both scheduling and classroom information on-time, accurately and within the scheduling grid will receive a higher priority for scheduling times and classroom preferences and shall not face any collision with other departments. Those departments submitting late or incomplete requests or changes or during non-standard times will receive the lowest priority in both scheduling and classroom assignment.

Major departmental change requests (those involving the addition of new courses, changes in time or day, or fluctuation in enrolment figures) submitted after the standard times will be processed after all other scheduling actions. All such changes must be approved by the respective dean or director

Standards for Class Schedules

  • All the schools/institutes/centers should schedule their classes between Monday and Saturday. Classes may not be held on Sundays in any case. Only the classes designed exclusively for graduate and/or post-graduate professional students of the School of Professional Advancement are exempt from the scheduling requirements in this policy, and can be held on Sundays under the control of the department.
  • Classes may not be held on official University holidays or gazetted holidays in any case.
  • Academic departments must distribute classes evenly throughout the day. Non-compliant departments must change class timings to meet distribution requirements.
  • Academic departments must schedule classes evenly in any given week.



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