Office of Facilities Management

Store and Assets Management Policy

OFM is responsible to streamline supplies to clients across the schools and institutes. These supplies are ranging from fuel, food, stationery, IT equipments, office equipments, janitorial items, electric appliances etc.  To avail this facility the following policy may please be followed:

  • The concerned office/individual will submit the demand through a requisition form duly signed by the head of the office, to assets and supplies/store.
  • The store  will perform need  justification and analysis before initiating the process of purchase by  involving relevant offices for evaluation  to assess
    • Actual need
    • Item availability in stock
    • Cost involved
    • Budget provisions
  • After analysis and need justification , the required  supplies will be made through
    • Procurement from open market
    • Issuance from stock available in the store
  • This provision might take some time ranging from one working day to a week or more subject to a number of factors like
    • Stock status
    • Budget approval and provision
    • Procurement process
    • Availability in market
  • All items provided to clients must bear an asset number (if applicable).
  • We expect and value the feedback of our clients about the quality of supplies. This feedback can be provided through email, telephone call or face to face communication.
  • In case of any observation where the provided material/item is not meeting required standards or catering the actual need, the said item may please be returned to store instantly. The assets and supplies management office will facilitate for an exchange at earliest.
  • Any item in your premises having no asset marking/number may please be reported to assets and supplies management office/ store.
  • It is prohibited to take any asset out of campus premises without the permission of Head OFM. Any such attempt will be considered as an offence subjected to disciplinary action.
  • Any asset that requires repair may please be reported to OFM, so that repair process can be initiated.
  • All staff and faculty members are advised to register their personal belongings at the gate before it is being brought inside, to avoid inconvenience in case it is taken out after some time. Any such items (personal) which were brought earlier into the campus without registration on gate may please be reported to assets and supplies management office for registration.
  • On termination of services with UMT either voluntarily or non-voluntarily, employees should handover the assets to store, as it is required for initiating clearance process.

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