Office of External Relations


Office of External Relation (OER) has been established to serve as a collaborative voice for the University. External Relations connects UMT to its Alumni and the corporate world by building strategic relationships, utilizing the resources and enhancing the UMT community to build the strong Reputation of university to the external world. Focused on actions and outcomes, we provide strategic leadership and expertise in:

  • Alumni Networking and Engagement
  • Corporate Relations
  • Coordination of all Forums and Events (Academic & Co-curricular)
  • Communication and Information of External Relations

Office of External Relation (OER) is the only department in the University of Management and Technology (UMT) that provides their Alumni a specific platform to communicate with each other and make strategic linkages around the world. Having nationwide Forums and Building corporate relations with the industry which can help our brilliant students to connect with the world and make a good startup for their career. OER also coordinate and provide assistance and support to the prominent Schools in UMT executing their academic events and co-curricular activities in a very professional way. All the information of external world and outcomes are then compiled and transformed in form of a Newsletter on yearly basis by Office of External Relations (OER).

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