Office of Controller of Examinations

Mobile Phone Policy Date Sheet Fall 2016


  1. Reach Examination room at least 10 minutes before the schedule time. No additional time shall be given to students arriving late.
  2. Students having short attendance in any of his/her course shall not be allowed to sit in the Examination room for that particular exam.
  3. Students may only bring basic writing material or authorized material in the examination room as permitted by invigilator.
  4. Students are not allowed to bring weapons of any kind in the campus and examination hall.
  5. Personal belongings such as bags / books /files may be taken into examination room and kept at the front stage / dice
  6. Mobile Phones are banned during examinations. If a student is found to have a mobile phone during the course of the examinations, this is considered a case of academic misconduct and treated as UMC offense. The Office of the Controller of Examinations reserves the right to confiscate mobile phones and/or other prohibited electronic devices during examinations. UMT is not responsible for loss or damage of the phone or other electronic device.
  7. Maintain complete silence in the examination room. Only raise your hand if any query and wait for the Invigilator to attend to you.
  8. Lending / borrowing of pen, pencil, ruler, calculator etc. is strictly prohibited in the examination hall.
  9. Produce UMT ID Card on the request of Resource person / Invigilator / Examination Officer.
  10. Students must immediately complete particulars mentioned on answer books /extra sheets and write down their ID No. on the question paper as well.
  11. No rough work is to be done on the question paper. Any Student found writing anything other than own answer book will be considered as use of unfair means.
  12. Don’t forget to mark your attendance on the attendance sheet during the examinations. In case, your name is not listed, report to invigilator immediately.
  13. Remain silent and seated while papers are being distributed or collected.
  14. Student found cheating, chatting, gesturing or misbehaving in the examination room shall be dealt with under the UMC rules.
  15. Any student using abusive or obscene language in the answer sheet shall be dealt with under disciplinary rules.
  16. Do not leave the examination room without prior permission of the invigilator.
  17. Students are requested to adhere with the examination rules prescribed by the university. Failing which strict action shall be taken, as permissible under University Rules.

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