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UMT IEEE Teams win First Second and Third positions in IST Youth Festival at IST Islamabad

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Students of School of Engineering (SEN) participated in IST Youth Festival’ organized by the Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad, from May 7-9, 15. Dr Salim Abid Tabassum, Dean SEN, motivated IEEE UMT team to participate in the competition. Salman Khalid prepared the team. Muhammad Haris extended all possible guidance. Within a short period of three days, the team was ready to participate. The two teachers led a 10-member UMT team to the event.

By the Grace of Almighty Allah, the UMT team won five prizes. Details as follows:

a. Microcontroller Interfacing
    Position: 1st
    Team: Muhammad Bilal Anwar, Bilal Hussain Awan, Tayyab Hassan

b. Microcontroller Interfacing
   Position: 2nd
   Team: Mirza Danyal, Akbar Abdulrehman, Ghulam Muhyuddin

c. Circuit Designing
     Position: 2nd
    Team: Bilal Hussain Awan, Tayyab Hassan, Muhammad Bilal Anwar

d. Circuit Designing
    Position: 3rd
   Team: Mirza Danyal, Akbar Abdulrehman, Ghulam Muhyuddin

e. Event: Digital System Design
   Position: 2nd
   Team:Tayyab Hassan, Muhammad Bilal Anwar, Bilal Hussain Awan

Besides UMT, other participants of the technical events were,  Air University, NUST, MAJU, HiTec , Wah University, University of Gujrat, IIU , UET Taxila, UOL, and FAST Islamabad.

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